Car Wreck, Rain, and Our New Friend Bobby

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Last week, on Thursday, we came into a predicament that could have really got us into trouble.

We took a taxi from our hotel to the local mall to do some browsing and grab dinner. Now, for those of you who aren't aware, in Thailand, people drive on the left side of the road and the steering wheel is on the right side. So, when we pulled up to the mall, the driver pulled up to the door on the right. Myself and another friend had to exit the taxi on the left. When my friend opened the back passenger door, a truck was driving extremely close and hit our door, pulling it forward, scraping and denting the truck, and popping the hinge on our taxi door.

When we all got out and assessed the damage, we had no idea what to do. No one spoke English or even a hint of it. Within a few minutes of the taxi driver and the other driver speaking, we felt so lost and clueless as to what to do.

Sean had gone inside the mall for a second, searching for someone who spoke English. He came outside and said to me, "There's an American dude in there with tattoos." I told him to go ask if he spoke Thai and see if he'd help us.

When the American came out, he introduced himself as Bobby and said, "Wait, are you Vince?" The back story to his question is this: on Sunday the 25th, my friend Brittany had commented on a photo on Instagram about how she knew a guy who lived in Chiang Rai and how I should meet up with him. He and I commented to each other saying that would be cool. Low and behold, here he was, at our aid. Bobby and his wife, who's Thai, had been waiting out the rain and just so happened to still be at the mall. Bobby speaks Thai and helped us figure out what to do about the damage. If it hadn't been for Bobby and his wife, we would have been up a creek without a paddle. It’s still so crazy to me that he and I met because of him and his wife waiting out the rain and us having an accident at the mall. Call me crazy or religious or whatever you will, but I believe the rain holding them at the mall was for a reason. I’m thankful for us meeting when we did.

After dealing with the situation, Bobby invited us to his home for dinner and fellowship. That was such a great experience. We stopped by the market and grabbed some food for a great price, 200 Thai Baht to feed 6 people and a baby, which translates to a little over $6 USD. It was still, as I write this post, the best Thai food I've had so far. We even ate with our hands, which for those of you who know me, isn't normal, haha. Nonetheless, the fellowship was great and Bobby and his wife were great hosts. We couldn't have been more thankful for them being there at the right time. God definitely had His hand on us all that evening. Thank you, again, Bobby.

"The greatest gift of life is friendship, and I have received it." -- Hubert H. Humphrey