How Travel Can Inspire Creativity

10-Common-Travel-Mistakes-You-Can-Avoid Have you ever wanted to do something so badly you felt as if you just couldn't contain yourself anymore? With every ounce of you, this passion consumed your every thought. Like the fire that rages for our passions, another fire burns inside of us to seek escape from our sometimes mundane daily tasks. Fortunately for you, your refuge awaits – in the form of travel. We'll discuss the advantages to traveling in just a moment, but first, allow me to share a story.

As a child, a love for astronomy was birthed one afternoon when my mother brought home this blue book, its title not on the cover, but on the side, filled with an endless supply of breath-taking imagery of stars, planets, and galaxies. I truly believe my love for our universe led to a desire to travel the world and experience creation in all its beauty. For the past few years, I have maintained a desire to see the world. The passion I have for travel, I feel, drives me to accomplish many goals I have set out for myself.

These desires we have to travel, to break away from the norm of society, to experience the vastness of creation, I believe are truly natural and afford us the opportunity to recharge our brains. That recharge could lead to your next big idea.

Does travel increase productivity?

You bet your bottom dollar it does! According to, “Three out of four executives believe that vacations prevent burnout (78%) or that vacations improve their job performance (75%).” Why is that, you ask? Because according to that same article, “Everyday habits and routines constrain mental thinking.” Imagine being able to wake up late in a gorgeous cabin you’ve rented for the week or weekend. Your boss is not demanding you to complete those aforementioned mundane tasks. He or she is not requiring you to send all those excruciating emails. All you have for that one week, or weekend, are your thoughts, your family, your friends, the beach, the woods - whatever it is that you find peace and joy in doing – that is what you have during your break from work. Your brain is free to wonder. Your hands are free to type or write. Your eyes are free to gaze on something other than your cubicle. That next brilliant idea may very well be birthed during your future adventure.

So what does that mean for me now?

Traveling affords us the opportunity to recharge, to sit back and relax, to focus on some things we may have been procrastinating about. It affords us the opportunity to embrace our creativity in ways we otherwise would not have been able to.

You don’t necessarily have to spend a whole week away if that is not financially feasible. Let's go over a few things about taking that next vacation. First, figure out what works best for you and your family. If that means heading down to the local lake and cracking out those old tents you’ve been storing away for years, then do that. Simply figure out a way to spend time away from home and the routine that life can sometimes become. Also, avoid electronics! Did I mention avoiding electronics? We live in a society overrun by smart phones, dumb phones, laptops, gaming consoles, iPads, iPods, Nooks, et cetera. To allow your brain to recharge and think in a new capacity, the electronics have to be left at home. (Take your phone, obviously, in case of emergency)

I have intentionally made plans to travel as much as possible this upcoming year. Not only so that I can see the world, but so that I can experience the world in ways I have not before.

“Travel, like dreams, is a door that opens from the real world into a world that is yet to be discovered” – Guy de Maupassant

Where do you want to travel? For you, does traveling and taking a break from the norm breed new ideas? If not, what have you found that works? Share in the comments!